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Thursday, February 18, 2010

On 11:41 PM by Roderick Allan Baylon
After SEO keyword analysis and research, you found a lot of good keywords but found some to be too wordy. So what will you do next?

For example, you have the keyphrase:

"best tourist spots and cheap hotels in the philippines"

Here's an optimized version:

Best Tourist Spots Philippines | Cheap Hotels Philippines"

I removed the word "and" and replaced it with a separator "|" and repeated "Philippines" to double the score for the "Philippines" keyword.

Three to four word keyphrases are used more commonly now. Using the Long Tail SEO Strategy, you can bring more exposure for your keyphrases while avoiding highly competitive two-word keyphrases. You can bring more traffic to your site this way since you have a bigger captured market for your keywords.

I recommend that you use your country's name as the last keyword. This will bring more targetted traffic to your site since most of the time, users add the country name as the last keyword before generating a Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

SEO is quite challenging, the more you are exposed to it, the more you'll learn and improve your methods.