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Thursday, February 11, 2010

On 12:43 AM by Roderick Allan Baylon
Keyword analysis requires a deep knowledge of the target market. Before setting up a new website, you should have the target keywords ready and build your content from these keywords.

Use the Google Adwords: Keyword Tool to perform a comparative analysis of the keywords you are generally aiming for.

Use an online spreadsheet tool like Google Docs to tabulate the keyword info. Prepare columns for "keywords", "Average CPC", "Local Search", "Global Search", and "Google Competitors". Set the "Match" option to "Exact" and locate the best match for your target keywords.

You'll need to find the ten best keywords by analyzing the Average CPC, Local Search Volume, and Global Search volume and the Google competitor pages. The value of the Google competitor pages is generated by doing a Google search of the focus keyword(s).

Enter the selected keyword details on a Google spreadsheet of your keyword list. This list will define the content of your home page and landing pages. The top one keyword on the list will be your website's primary keyword.

Just be patient when building your keyword list becase you'll need one day to prepare and finalize a good keyword list.

One last tip, don't focus on one or two-word keywords/keyphrases because buyers rarely use them. Focus on what you would type when searching for a specific product that you'd like to buy. It's something like [name of product] + [location].

For example:
"best tourist spots philippines"
"cheap hotels in the philippines"
"freelancers from the philippines"

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