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Friday, October 2, 2009

On 10:15 AM by Roderick Allan Baylon
Telecommuting is defined as a work arrangement in which employees enjoy flexibility in working location and hours. In other words, the daily commute to a central place of work is replaced by telecommunication links.

Many work from home, while others, occasionally also referred to as nomad workers or web commuters utilize mobile telecommunications technology to work from coffee shops or myriad other locations.

Source: Wikipedia

Telecommuting has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are you can work at your own pace, control your own time, and you don't have to spend for travel or paid meals.

The disadvantages are you only have a virtual conversation with your client and you seldom meet people, you are using a residential DSL line, and you have to bid against other freelancers for the projects.

The best way to address the disadvantages in my opinion are the following:

1. Build a network of home-based workers / friends, inform them about your availability, and the services that you can offer.
2. If a friend has been a home-based worker for a long time and has completed a lot of projects and has good reviews in a freelancing site, he/she can outsource some projects to you thru his/her account.
3. Go to a coffee shop / restaurant with Wi-fi access, meet some people, and build your network.