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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On 6:23 AM by Roderick Allan Baylon
The Google Panda updates were performed by Google as part of its commitment to return high-quality sites to Google search users.  New "signals" were incorporated to Google's ranking algorithm every time there is a Panda update in order to differentiate high quality sites from low quality sites. For anyone who was hit by Google's Panda update, it is particularly important to know and understand that website changes won't have immediate effects on your site's keyword rankings.

Awwwww...The Google Panda updates should be as cute as this pic.

Since the Google Panda update is run from time-to-time, if you have improved your site's content after a previously run Panda update then there's a big chance that your keyword rankings will improve too. You have something like 4-6 weeks as a window of opportunity for your site's content improvement before the next Google Panda update.

Take note that Google makes small algorithm changes all the time independently from the Panda updates.  Don't blame the Google Panda updates if your site's keyword rankings are poor.  You just have to improve your site's content quality in order to show Google and ultimately the rest of the major search engines that your site is informative and has value.

So QUIT blaming the Panda!