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Sunday, April 17, 2011

On 11:47 AM by Roderick Allan Baylon
Are you a victim of website duplication?

Well I am and I'm pissed as hell at this lazy SEO guy from Pakistan.  He has six freaking years as an SEO specialist.Yeah right! This guy copied everything from my site including the Title text, articles, and web layout. Basically, he just copied my blogsite's content and added more text about his services and then proclaimed himself as the leading SEO freaking Specialist of Pakistan.

How do I deal with this scumbag?  Well I reported him to Google and if no action was taken by Google after two weeks then I am gonna deal with him my way.

Here is the link on Google's Webmaster Tools for reporting site duplication thru the Spam Report page:


Google Webmaster Tools -  Spam Report
Fill in all the required fields and don't forget to check the "Duplicate site or pages" option.  Google's action on the spam report might take two weeks or more.  Just continue on checking your site and the copycat site's keyword rankings.  If you see some improvement on that site's keyword rankings then refile your spam report.

Sorry for my rant by the way and have a nice day!