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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On 8:15 PM by Roderick Allan Baylon
So what happened here? What is your website's keyword ranking after the Google Panda/Farmer Update?

Google updated their ranking algorithm last February 23rd in the USA and some site keyword rankings were affected. Here's a link from the Official Google Blog regarding this update:


This Google algorithm update is pretty big in scope and affected about 11.8% of Google search queries and it affected the keyword rankings of low-quality sites. Sites with copied content, content scraped from other sites, low quality poorly-written content, shallow content, and sites with more ads than content were greatly affected. I hope your site is not one of these sites. =)

Review your site's content and make sure that you only publish useful content that is related to your website's target keywords. Give your website visitors the info that they need. Your site's design and usability is also important. Make sure that the web pages are easy to navigate and the overall user experience is above average.

This is a good improvement from Google and will surely be beneficial to all except the shady sites for sure.