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Friday, December 31, 2010

On 3:04 PM by Roderick Allan Baylon
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is both an art and science that requires skills and knowledge on how major search engines work and how to perform website optimization in order to rank on the top pages of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

SEO skills require years of experience and experimentation in order to refine SEO methods and best practices. Search engines such as Google periodically change their ranking algorithm and it's the aim of an SEO expert or SEO specialist to be always updated of these algorithm changes in order for their clients' websites to stay on top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Anyone can offer Search Engine Optimization services and claim to be an expert in this field of work. You can see new websites sprouting up offering SEO expert services. These SEO firms / freelancers may be legit but some are offering hype and hot air. Sometimes they refer to themselves as the top or best SEO firms in their area. Care should be taken by business owners in searching for good and reliable SEO firms or SEO freelancers.

The first thing you have to check out are the SEO firm / SEO freelancer's portfolio of clients and the target keywords optimized and ranked for these clients. You can ask about their SEO methods and check if they are using all white-hat techniques. You can also ask about their corporate website and how its target keywords / keyphrases rank against competitors.

The best giveaway of a "snake oil" salesman is a website that is not visible in the top pages of Google SERPs for keywords that this SEO firm is supposed to have a good ranking. Check their domain names and homepage title text for obvious target keywords that should have top page ranking on major search engine ranking results.

I hope my "rant" gave you some pointers on how to select the best SEO firm / SEO freelancer for your website(s).

Good Luck!