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Monday, November 22, 2010

On 9:07 AM by Roderick Allan Baylon
Google Places ReviewsGoogle Places Customer Reviews

Google Places listings have been incorporated to Google's organic search results that's why a Google Places listing is now more important for businesses. Don't be left out by competitors. If your Google Places listing is invisible on Google's search results then you are invisible to others and customer prospects.

Google values the trustworthiness of a business listing. Trust can be accomplished thru customer reviews. If you are wondering why your Google Places business listing doesn't have a good ranking then check your listing again. Your business listing might be missing some customer reviews or don't have it at all.

Customer reviews are important factors for a good Google Places ranking. Both positive and negative feedback can be helpful for a business. This will show the strength and weaknesses of your business. Think of all feedback as an opportunity for your business to improve customer satisfaction and for it to grow.

Whenever you have new customers, tell them that you have a Google Places business listing and you would appreciate it if they would post feedback or testimonials about your company's services. You don't have to pay them or offer them anything. Tell them to be honest and straightforward so that you can improve your services.

To create your Google Places business listing, go to http://www.google.com/places.