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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On 1:23 AM by Roderick Allan Baylon
Google Sitelinks are the sub-list of links that you see after a website URL is listed on Google search results. These links are generated by Google based on a set criteria. Google scores every link on the home page and only the links from the home page are generated sitelinks by Google.

Google Sitelinks
Google Sitelinks

If your site's Google SERPs listings contains sitelinks, it means that your site is trusted by Google. This brings confidence to your website visitors. Google has a definitive guide for sitelinks at http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=47334.

Although Google has a guide for this, some factors that you might consider for Google Sitelinks optimization are:

1. Website header and footer navigation links should be descriptive of the content of the pages it points to. The link's anchor text should be a keyword pointing to a page that has a recommended keyword density of 2-4%.

For example, if the anchor text is "Services", the page that the link points to should have a "services" keyword density of 2-4%.

2. The file name that the link points to should be the same as with the anchor text. For example, if the anchor text is named "Contact Us", the filename of the HTML file that the link points to should be "contact-us.html". Another example is if the anchor text is named "About", the filename of the HTML file that the link points to should be "about.html". This file naming convention helps web crawlers index pages properly.

3. Create duplicate footer links from the website's most often used header navigation links. These footer links will be seen by Google as important links and will be scored higher by Google.

4. Navigation link placement should be fixed and standardized across all pages. If a link on a current page is placed on top, a similar link on another page should have the same location as with the current page in order to avoid confusion by visitors.

5. If you are using buttons as navigation items, make sure that the image tags are optimized on every button declaration. Fill up the IMG "Alt" attributes with the button title. This button title should also be similar with the button's image filename. For example, if the button name is "Downloads", the button's filename should also be "downloads.jpg".

Google Sitelinks generation for new websites will take time. New websites might take three months or more before a sitelink becomes visible on Google SERPs.

Make sure that your sites are optimized for Google Sitelinks. These sitelinks will give your website authority and trustworthiness so start optimizing now.