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Sunday, August 8, 2010

On 5:16 PM by Roderick Allan Baylon
Optimization of images is also an SEO factor for major search engines. You need to optimize these images in order to increase your page score. The HTML tags can be optimized for better search engine rankings.

Here are five tips for better image SEO optimization:

1. Put captions for images on a web page

Captions should have some target keywords integrated but it should be descriptive of the photo. Avoid keyword stuffing by the way. You could be penalized by Google for keyword spamming.

2. Be descriptive in naming your images

A filename such as beginners-seo-guide.jpg is much better than img15067777.jpg. Google values filenames where keywords can be extracted and indexed.

3. Add your keywords in the "Alt" attribute text of HTML tags

Your primary and secondary keywords should be integrated to the "Alt" description text. Don't overdo this. Use variations of your keywords to avoid being penalized by Google for keyword stuffing.

4. Don't duplicate your 'Alt' attribute text

Avoid duplicating the 'Alt' description of your website's images. You can alternate with "Photo","Image", and "Picture" in describing your images. You can also add numbers to your 'Alt' descriptions if you are using a product catalog.

5. Use the "Title" attribute of the HTML tag if necessary

The "Title" attribute is used like a tooltip. A descriptive text is displayed on top of the image whenever your mouse points to it. You can integrate your keywords into this attribute. Avoid duplication of text.

Image optimization is an on-page SEO factor that you need to implement in order to gain a better page score on all major search engines.

I hope these SEO tips can help you gain a better page ranking.