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Friday, August 20, 2010

On 10:28 PM by Roderick Allan Baylon
Some people confuse keywords with the META "Keywords" tag. Keywords define what websites are all about. Websites are optimized using the target keywords defined during the keyword research phase.

The META "Keywords" tags have long been abused by webmasters when they're optimizing websites. Google, along with other major search engines, ignore these META tags because of the overzealous keyword stuffing performed by webmasters.

Although it is disregarded by major search engines, I still use it on my site because some search engines might still be using it for indexing or maybe my competitors still use it and I don't want them to be a step ahead of me.

What I am advising is never ever place your primary and secondary keywords inside your website's META "keywords" tag. The reason for this is that you'll be giving your competitors' a sneak preview of the keywords that you are optimizing for. Don't give them an easy way to figure these things out. You can use alternate keywords instead, keywords that are relevant to your website/web page. Two-word key phrases that are alternates for your primary and secondary keywords.

One last tip, my recommended number of keywords inside a META keyword tag is eight. Try using the SubmitExpress Meta Tag Analyzer Tool to check your page optimization. This SEO tool is great for analyzing websites and it's free.