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Thursday, July 1, 2010

On 10:26 AM by Roderick Allan Baylon
Ever wondered why you and your client(s) get different Google search results every time a keyword search is performed? This is due to Google's "Personalized Search" innovation.

Google extended "Personalized Search" last year. First they implemented this on signed-in users, then they extended this to include signed-out users. This addition enables Google to customize search results for users based upon 180 days of search activity linked to anonymous cookies in their browsers.

Now when you perform a keyword search, Google will be able to provide you with the most relevant results possible. For example, if you search for "movies" and often click on results from imdb.com, Google might rank imdb.com higher on the results page the next time you look for movies.

I found a keyword ranking tool at http://www.scroogle.org/cgi-bin/scraper.htm. This tool will get Google search results using an anonymous IP address, without saving, without storing search-term records, etc.

Every time you run a search query on Scroogle, therefore, Google won't have any past data about it, so the Google SERPs will be the ones seen by the average Internet user.

You can also set the number of search results. The sequence numbers are real handy when you are trying to determine your keyword ranking positions.

I will be using this tool all the time from now on.

Check it out now.